"And the words of the dragon echoed in Ethan's ears, "No task lies before you so dreadful that you shall not master it." Excerpt from The Dragon King


Praise for The Dragon King


“I liked it. It was about you can do it. Sometimes you think you can't inside, but you can. Made me think I can do things; even when I think I can't, I can. I feel stronger. Thank you.”


--Gabriel, age 9, Los Angeles, CA


“I loved it! I want to give you a hundred hugs for it! I'm definitely adding it to my list of favorite books.”


--Kiley, age 10, Cuenca, Ecuador


“Hart is smitten with the shield in the illustrations, and sits enthralled through the story telling. Such unbelievable work inspired by such a touching story. Yay, Dragon King!”


--Allison Tannery, mother of four, Atlanta, GA


Courage, responsibility and dependability are character traits that every parent wishes for their child. As a mother and a licensed therapist, I highly recommend The Dragon King as a must read.”


--Sandy O'Donnell, LPC, MHSP, Nashville, TN


“What a beautiful book! The voice is lovely, the illustrations are gorgeously detailed, and the story itself is inspiring.”


--Marsha Lanier, MSW, San Francisco, CA


E with vines



“I thoroughly enjoyed listening to The Dragon King! It is charming, interesting and refreshing. The music is tremendous!”


--Juliana Ericson, Holistic Life Coach, Nashville, TN


“My 8-yr-old daughter, Abbie, and I listened to The Dragon King during a recent 8-hr drive. As soon as it ended, she asked to hear it again and, since she was holding the laptop, kept replaying the music for 3 hours!”


--Kirsten Schmitt, Winston Salem, NC


“This beautiful story, chronicling courage and honor in the face of adversity, will intrigue and inspire children of all ages as courageous valor triumphs over fear.”


--Reed Powell Christian, MAT, Parent, Teacher, Theatre Instructor, Atlanta, GA